A Freelancer’s Almanac-Style Guide to Menu Planning (Month 1, the Basics): Even When Short on Time, Money or Ideas


Need help with menu planning? Here’s a basic one-month plan, upgradable from the poor freelancer’s version to the I’m Rich more bountiful version. Hopefully this kick-starts your own basic one-month plan of favorites.


Why I Wrote This Book
I wrote this planned series of books for me first (to gather all my favorite recipes into one collection of various books in both ebook and paperback form to eliminate the paper clutter of loose sheets of recipes in my home), for my son second (to pass down my family’s heirloom recipes), and to share with my readers third (to make your job of menu planning hopefully easier than it was for me).
Why Is It So Hard to Menu Plan? Or at Least It Was for Me …
As both an author and a copy editor, I find it is so much easier to tweak a written document than to create one from scratch. Since nobody’s menu plan will fit everyone’s tastes and lifestyles, it’s a given that any such offering should be personalized. And certainly other people were plagued with this menu-planning task, right?
So here is mine to help you out as you craft one better for you and yours.
NOTE: I am not a medical professional, but I offer my own insights and some findings from various internet searches here in my menu-planning guide in an effort to provide a convenient launching point for others to createtheir own menu plans. I have also included thirty-five recipes in this book.
Why a “Freelancer’s Guide” to Menu Planning, You May Ask?
From a freelancer’s point of view, it’s all about dealing with the lack of time and/or money when attacking the what’s-for-dinner question. Since I have juggled this time/money issue for over a decade of freelancing, I thought I’d share how I handle this. Therefore, my particular meal planning is flexible, based on available funds.
Why Almanac-Style?
I consider this an almanac-style book because I’ve added in so much more than just a thirty-day menu plan: appropriate quotes, various Top 10 lists, assorted issues (like emotional eating, healthier substitutions, creating convenience foods at home), all of which lend to a sense of diversity in this book. Therefore, being almanac in style.

Pages: 97

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