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WANT YOUR BOOK TO BETTER COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR READER? Hire me as your copy editor (aka the grammar and spelling police). But I am so much more … In my former career, I was a legal assistant. So, if I see something that worries me, I’ll suggest that you take that up with your attorney.

I’m Denise Barker, an all-Indie author, a blogger and a freelance copy editor.

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Apart from my book-related obsessions (creating my own, copyediting other Indie-authors’ creations, and reading even more books), I’m a Deep South gal who lives in the DFW Metroplex and loves animals, good food, a great cup of coffee outside in beautiful weather and hearing a Cajun accent to remind me of home.

My Kindle Boards’ ad provides more information about my copyediting services, plus my current availability, at: http://www.kboards.com/index.php/topic,231477.0.html. For my writing-related blog posts, check out http://www.LivingTheDreamPublishing.blogspot.com.